Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shopping Finds...FitFlop, Ipod and More! ✌

It looks like someone has been good lately...ahem! Me!!! Yay! :-D The Easter Bunny blessed me with so many great finds over the holidays.

♥ Ipod Nano double as makeshift Watch ♥ Avon Charm Bracelet ♥ Avon Earrings ♥ SM Dep Store Bracelet ♥

My Ipod Nano is a gift from my hubby. Since I ❤ everything Mac, it's a great addition. I got a strap (Brand Hex for Php 1200) at the Apple Store in Greenhills so I can use it as a makeshift watch at the same time. I'm into Pedometers (flashy reminders that I'm short of steps and need to speed it up asap!!!), so I find the functionality that the Nano offers. I even got a fingerprint proof skin protector for it for only Php 150. So far, so good...hope my Nano and I builds a stronger partnership towards a healthier me! Bring it on! :-D

I got the black charm bracelet from Avon. I wear it with some of my bracelets from Accessorize. The pair of earrings is from Avon as well. I'm an Avon lady! :-D A great buy is a vintage inspired bracelet from SM Department Store for only Php 350.Not bad! :-D I actually like the added blue accents, a perfect addition to my turquoise collections. I wear it by itself, or sometimes with my other Accessorize bracelets for added layering.

Fitflop Positano Php 4400 ++

A perfect mate when on a quest to count steps is a matching pair of shoes to keep me walking to my heart's desire. As always, FitFlop is it! ✌ I'm ready to retire my old, ever reliable FitFlop Walk Star, so we got one of the new 2011 design, Positano. My hubby being the classic guy that he is, fell in love with the Classic and Classy Design of the Positano. So he got me one! Yay! ❤ it! They are super comfortable! I will probably get another pair, I love to get hold of the Brown/Tan Hooper Collection. And maybe, the coming Lolla Collection! Oh my! :-D 

Please join me again on my next retail therapy escapades! Cheers! :-D


ceemee said...

Gotta <3 shopping especially with great finds and the hubby's paying. Yey!

ChicSassyMom said...

So true sis! :) Super spoiled! haha ;-P Thanks for dropping by! :)

tx sweetie said...

those are nice stuff you got there. love the bracelets esp.

Russ said...

Hope my wife doesn't see this post. She will want to go shopping for sure.

ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks Sweetie! :-) Yay!

@ Russ: Thanks Gramps! ;-P I love shopping in the US best! I'm sure she'll have better shopping finds, and with US brands, you really enjoy them at a reasonable price than here. :-D

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