Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moving in to Custom Domain Update

Time flies, it's almost half a month since I moved from to far, so good! Yay! Since I still got my hosting from Blogger, it was actually a hassle free transition. Everything worked as promised in 3 days. I just did updating on some of the applications and programs that my site is enrolled to, at least to those that allowed URL changes. As for my previous forum postings, everything actually redirects to the new site address. The initial concern on my GFC friends (Google Friend Connect) that they did not follow on my new site, well, they all did eventually! :-D The GFC widget, and the others, are all happy campers to my dot com site. I truly can't get enough of the happiness of having my own dot com. haha! ✌

So far, what seems like a major move to me, should actually be a basic step, since I wanted to professionalize my site and to make a career out of freelance writing. Being relatively new to the field, I took advantage of what's within my means, or my comfort zone, that is Blogger. But there are several alternatives available to meet different needs, skill level, and demands. So far, I'm a happy camper, but we'll never now, when I'll be up for the next challenge! I can always dream big for my site! Cheers! ❤❤❤


Joy said...

cheers! we'll drink to that hihi!

ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks mommy joy! :-)

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