Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kinect Time...Bring it on!✌

My hubby got his 2nd Xbox it means we have an Xbox and Kinect all to ourselves. Yay! :-D Sadly, I put on some weight from our recent vacay, it seems that I have to sweat it out, and yes it's that time to reach out for my reusable water bottles. Last night, I started my fun Xbox Kinect work out routine...endure and persist!✌
  • Dance Central - I'm still on the easy's like my warm-up exercise routine. This is the 30ish me, trying to test and to improve my vision and motor coordination. I love to dance, oh how I wish it loves me too! haha! :-D My son enjoys playing Dance Central as well. 
  • Sports - I do the Boxing! It's really tiring! My upper body is sore every time I play it! :-D Only Manny Pacquiao, with a heart of a true athlete can bring it, and endure it! Pacquiao Fighting! ✌
And then I tried the demo of the Biggest Loser...

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout
The workout looks simple, but I gave up on the bent knee push ups, which are like on the first 5 minutes of the workout. The workout looks promising as it even shows actual calories burned, and then even showed my unsightly body figure on the screen. Yes! It showed the flabs and all!  It actually tells you just what you need to correctly execute the routine. And it even incorporate Yoga on the demo routine. Sadly for a couch potato me, it's too much for me! Maybe next time! So I'm back to Kinect Dance Central, and Sports. Hopefully, I plan to start running soon! Wish me luck! :-D 

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