Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gotta ❤ Oreo Green Tea!

Oreo Green Tea from Shanghai
Green Tea is definitely it! :-D Drinks, food, skin care products, beauty care lines, and a lot more, features green tea as a come on ingredient, and the list is getting longer every day. Oreo Green Tea Ice Cream Cookie is a great addition to my Green Tea finds. It's a travel keepsake from Shanghai, China. 

Oreo Ice Cream Green Tea Cookies
As always, I had a great time indulging in them! The fresh and minty feel  because of the Ice Cream effect, after finishing the cookie is a welcome treat. The green tea filling taste and even smelled like the real green tea blossoms. My son enjoyed eating them as well, much like how he enjoyed eating Green Tea Chocolates and Green Tea KitKat from Japan. I'm truly thankful for these creative innovations of incorporating Green Tea to kiddie treats. It's a way of introducing one of the greatest source of Anti-oxidant to our little ones. As for me, it's sort of my guilt-free indulgence. Oh come on! ;-P

1 comment:

Diggy said...

Where did you buy those green tea oreos???

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