Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Hop Inn Fun at Holiday Inn Clark ✌

Happy Easter! Let today, more than ever, be a start of a new beginning! :-D

Easter Bunnies, much like Santa Claus during Christmas, bring gifts (eggs, candies, toys) to children the eve before the Easter! :-D
Chase and CJ playing along with the Easter Bunnies. Stuff and Live Animals to create a more natural and festive feel of the outdoor adventure! :-D

For this year Easter Sunday, we went Egg Hunting at Holiday Inn Clark. It was celebrated with much fanfare. My son was so excited. More so, that he gets to do it with his best friend, CJ. The entrance fee to the Egg Hunting area is Php 200, which includes a Loot Bag and a 50% discount coupon at the Candy Station. Totally worth it! Yay! ;-P

Easter Egg Hunting 2011 at Holiday Inn Clark. The Garden Area for the Kids 6 yrs. old and up. A fenced section for the Kids 5 years old and below, who gets to egg hunt in batches.  Chase having a great time Easter Egg Hunting and playing with the live Easter Bunnies! :-D

Thankfully the Egg Hunting section is divided to two areas, one for the 5 years old below, and the other garden section is for the 6 years old and up. At first glance, you would see that it looks like every man for himself, but it's actually very organize. Every kid has enough time to enjoy gathering eggs. They also limit the size of the basket, such that everyone gets a fair chance to collect eggs. Every one is guaranteed a loot bag, and goodies (Egg Bread, Candies, Drinks). Although, the highest collector in the color group gets to bring home an extra prize (toy). For the older kids section, the one who collected the one and only Giant Golden Egg gets to bring home a cellphone (c/o Smart Communications). Nice! ;-D

Easter Eggs in various Colors and Forms. Egg is the symbol of rebirth, timely with Christian's Celebration of Christ' Resurrection. My son, Chase, seriously Egg Hunting! :-P
It was funny to hear the party host repeating over and over again to let the kids do the egg hunting, and that adults in the older kids group to keep off the egg hunting area! haha! :-D I so feel for them (all the stage parents out there!cheers! :-P) haha! :-D Luckily, Chase is already the senior in his age group, and with practice through the years of egg hunting, he actually got the hang of it. He's so good that he actually won! :-P Yay!

Holiday Inn Clark Easter Loot Bags and Goodies! Thanks to CJ's family for making this day extra-special! :-D
Have a Blessed Easter! Cheers! ❤❤❤


kay said...

Nice! I wish I can take my son easter egg hunting soon.

Veronica Lee said...

Happy Easter!

Des said...

Happy Easter too! :) Have a Blessed one! :)

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