Sunday, March 20, 2011

Preschoolville Graduation & Recognition Rites SY 2010 - 2011

Preschoolville Graduation 2011 @ Holiday Inn Clark Ballroom with Balloon Set-up by FNF...Nice! :-D
Yay! It's truly a bittersweet moment to see the school year 2010-2011 of  Preschoolville coming to an end. As expected, the graduation and recognition activity, much like an encore performance both from the Preschoolville Teachers and the students, provided a perfect finale to what was a wonderful school year of learning and relationship building. The stellar sing & dance performances from the Preschoolvillers were simply heartwarming, that they even brought tears to most proud parents,  especially to a dramalovin' me! ;-P

My 5 year old son (Chase) got a citation for Excellence in Verbal Reasoning Skills! Yay! :-D Proud Parents! :-D
The Prep Graduating Class of utterly brilliant girls, walked the aisle, received their awards, and each delivered their message, while on their custom made graduation gowns! The girly gowns are just so cute and unique! :-D I wonder what's in store for my son comes his turn to graduate next school year. I'm sure the teachers (group of 5 talented ladies) of Preschoolville wouldn't disappoint. ☺

Meet & Greet the Preschoolvillers! :-D
Chase with the Kinder Class danced to the tune of We Go Together from the Grease Movie. I ❤!

The event was held at Holiday Inn Mimosa Clark Ballroom Hall. Balloon decorations were from FnF Balloons. :-D 


Silver said...

wow ganda ng decoration :) congrats!!!

march on... said...

congrats to Chase! and too the proud parents, of course :)

Des said...

Thanks so much! :-D

supergirlhero said...

Congrats Chase! :)

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