Thursday, March 24, 2011

New York Supreme Angeles City ♨ (New Location)

New York Supreme Angeles City Pizza Wrap Php 450++
Here's dinner tonight...New York Supreme's Pasta and Pizza Wrap! Yay! ♨

New York Supreme Angeles City: Hot Sauce, and Alfalfa & Urugula...perfect for your pizza wrap! :-D
Oh yes! Panizza is a household dish creation in Angeles City. Thanks to C'Italian Dining, which made Panizza worth the travel to Central Luzon...and continue to generate an online buzz! ;-P It's also for this gastronomic creation that alfalfa & urugula are know the ultimate perfect mates. Long Live the Greens! ✌ Of course, since the other pizza place can't beat it, they simply have to join in! True! Welcome to the world of pizza on soft tortilla-like wrappers! :-D Yellow Cab's Dear Darla seems to be the close 2nd choice. I thought so before, until I tried New York Supreme's Pizza Wrap.

The Panizza creation revolutionizes how we look at Thin Crust. It should really be that thin that you can roll it with those healthy greens. So basically you got a meaty and cheesy pizza, less the dough carbs, plus a healthy twist with alfalfa and urugula. So when craving for that gastronomic treat, New York Supreme's Pizza Wrap could be the next best choice after the original C's Panizza. More so, that the wrap comes with a pesto dip, and now is a price leader in terms of affordability to those panizza wannabes! :-D Nonetheless, for someone like me who has a hearty appetite, one order could be just good for two persons. Or if we don't really add anything on the order, I can eat the whole thing, so we actually have to order one for each! ✌ It's that good!

New York Supreme's Cheesy Baked Penne in Romano White Sauce Php195 ++
Well, my friend and I are trying to be modest, we don't want to order just Pizza wraps, so we tried out their pasta. This was supposedly a best seller pasta, oh well! It could be a real treat if I could just get over the pizza wrap,which I couldn't!!! Pizza wrap on my mind, and calories on my...;-P

New York Supreme Angeles City Dining Area
Oh well, it seems that it's actually gaining a strong foot hold on the market, because the dining area was 80% full. :-D Thank goodness for my friend's adventurous dad, I'm able to try it out, and have something to go back to, and let my picky hubby and son indulge too! Well, gotta try those New York Pizza the next time around! 

New York Supreme Angeles City
UPDATED: January 2012

Hi everyone! :-D I just learned from a friends that NYP moved to a new location. Although, I haven't visited yet. It's near Marlim Mansions, in Balibago. Somewhere in that vicinity. I'll found out more asap. And will do another update. :-D

UPDATED: March 2013

And yay! We finally went to the new branch. Same great pizza roll and fried chicken is nice too. And there's a new branch in the Nepo that's about to open too. I will upate. ;-D

New York Supreme Pizza is on the Mong Tang Avenue (Diamond service road) adjacent to the McArthur Highway in the Diamond subdivision. In front of Saver's Mall. 
Bigger Dining Area

New York Supreme is located on the Mong Tang Avenue (Diamond service road). Near Mar's Restaurant. 


Rechie said...

it looks deli although ngayon lang ako nkakakita ng ganitong foods. would love to try. visiting here sissy

Unknown said...

pampanga, yes, too many nice places to shop and dine, too :)

followed u from here :)

AiDiSan said...

Hi Des,

I've been to New Yor Supreme several times already. Their panizza and pasta parmigiana is to die for:)

Anonymous said...

can i just please ask po kung how much po? I mean what is the price range? I ate here once by a friend’s invite so I didn’t bother asking how was it. My birthday is coming and I plan on treating my friends here. I better brace myself with the price. Thanks po

ChicSassyMom said...

Hi! Thanks. :)
So sorry for not replying, it took me a while to go back to this post.
@Aidi: I'll try parmigiana next time. ;)

Hi! One order of the wrap is about Php 450, it's a bit on the thin side, so at most three person can share it. :)) I haven't checked the pizza yet, so sorry. I'll update this post asap. :)

Unknown said...

Hello. Just to tell you that NYS moved to SM Clark. It's somewhere in between Café Noelle and Sakura.

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