Sunday, March 13, 2011

Drama ❤: Autumn's Concerto

Autumn's Concerto (I Love You So) Taiwan Drama! ❤

Since I'm actually having hard time sleeping over the past few days, I tried watching feel good movies and drama reruns until the wee hours! But sadly nothing really worked for me until Autumn's Concerto (I Love You So). Finally, I actually didn't mind missing on my dramalovin' time! It stars Van Ness Wu (One of the Taiwan's F4) and a very pretty lovable Ady An. It's my first time to watch Va Ness as a lead drama actor. He's actually my least favorite F4, up until now! He's now officially one of my Candy Boys! ;-P Va Ness simply brought it...Looks ✓, Killer Smiles ✓and Acting Skills ✓ :-D

Surprisingly, they actually speak softly, much to like how sweet and soft talker the Korean Dramas are. Their Xie Xie (Thank You!) finally got to me much like my favorite Kahmsahamnida! ✌ There are also a lot of sweet and giddy moments! Mucho Hugs & Kisses! *_* Also, I love it that there's little shouting and fighting over petty matters between the leads. Sometimes the over egoistic male lead, and the squabbles are just too tiring to watch!

The story is also not your typical feel good movie, there's a lot of drama elements interwoven to create a more dramatic and deeper story line. I even think that it actually went overboard. So you see,  there's your love story, sad childhood, dysfunctional step mom & dad, rebellious moments, poor girl, rich boy = wicked mother in law, almost dying boyfriend + top it off with amnesia, son/father moments, lawyer in action with complicated cases, and a lot more! Talk about drama,drama, drama...there's so much heart in the story, and I ❤ it much!


Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...

same here, i didn't really like him in Meteor Garden but in this drama...darn he rocks my world. I so love this drama..watched twice and still smitten with Vanness

Aimee from Classified: Mom said...

So glad you followed me- right back at ya! Cute blog!

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