Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yay! ✈ Airphil Express is it! Ongoing Seat Sale at Php 100 ++! ✌

Happy Monday! Greetings from Iloilo City. :-D Our summer vacation is taking off just nicely. I couldn't help though but to rave more about our Airphil Express flight last Saturday. It seemed sweeter this time around...we got ROW 2 seats! Nice eh! :-D It seemed trivial, but to a mommy me traveling alone with my 5 year old son, Chase, with 4 hand carried items (purse, laptop bag, baby bag, and 2 dozens Krispy Cremes) that I had to carry all by myself, to be seated that nicely & grandly if I may say so (haha! feeling first class!) was...oh! well, we must be truly blessed! Thank You Very Much! ✌

Inside Airphil Express New Airbus. View from Row 2...This is how close as we've gotten to Mr. Pilot! ;-D
Row 2!!!Yay!...could be trivial to most, but not to a mommy traveling with a kid, thank goodness! We're even paying promo fare...must be truly blessed! ✌

Johnson's Baby Presko Play Launch at Market Market

March 26, 2011-- Johnson's Baby officially welcomes summer with the kickoff of their Presko Play Campaign at the Promenade of Market Market, The Fort. It was celebrated with much fanfare... press coverage, media launch (which I was a part of, as one of the invited blogger from Nuffnang), celebrity participation, and Futkal training session, which was the highlight event for the day. Kids truly had the time of their life in playing their hearts out while still staying fresh, feeling cool, and smelling good all through out their outdoor playtime by using Johnson's Baby Products.

Johnson's Presko Play Launch Summer 2011

The Futkaleros joined in the Johnson's Presko Play Kickoff Activity
Main Stage Area and Futkal TrainingArea. Freshen Up with your favorite Johnson's Baby Products on the Presko Play Station.  Play the classic games with hula hoops, chinese garters, relays etc. at the Play Area. Get recharge at the Chocolate drink booth. :-D
Mr. JC Garcia, Sr. Brand Mgr. of J&J officially opening the event at the Trellis Restaurant Lunch for the media. Enjoy summer with J&J's Cooling Powder, Johnson's Baby Bath, Johnson's Summer Swing Baby Cologne, & Johnson's Baby Wipes. With some of the Kids from Going Bulilit joining the Futkaleros and enjoying Presko Play as well. :-D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New York Supreme Angeles City ♨ (New Location)

New York Supreme Angeles City Pizza Wrap Php 450++
Here's dinner tonight...New York Supreme's Pasta and Pizza Wrap! Yay! ♨

New York Supreme Angeles City: Hot Sauce, and Alfalfa & Urugula...perfect for your pizza wrap! :-D
Oh yes! Panizza is a household dish creation in Angeles City. Thanks to C'Italian Dining, which made Panizza worth the travel to Central Luzon...and continue to generate an online buzz! ;-P It's also for this gastronomic creation that alfalfa & urugula are know the ultimate perfect mates. Long Live the Greens! ✌ Of course, since the other pizza place can't beat it, they simply have to join in! True! Welcome to the world of pizza on soft tortilla-like wrappers! :-D Yellow Cab's Dear Darla seems to be the close 2nd choice. I thought so before, until I tried New York Supreme's Pizza Wrap.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chase ❤ Theme Parks: Legoland California USA

Welcome to Legoland, California USA! ☺
Hello! I've been meaning to share our travel adventures of our visit to California last year (April-May 2010), I only wrote about our San Francisco travel moments. With so much pictures to choose from, I had a hard time sorting through them all, well up until now! :-D Thank goodness for Picnik, with its collage feature, I was able to easily put together our pictures from Facebook.

Legoland California with Bob the Builder, and others! Amazing! :-)
We actually did a sort of Tour de Theme Parks in Los Angeles. We had so much fun visiting each of them. But Legoland was a truly delightful treat to us, Chase just loves talking about his day in Legoland, surprisingly more than others. Maybe, because we went there on a weekday, so we were able to avoid long queuing, and we can actually go over and over on some of Chase's favorite rides. This also gives us plenty of opportunity to take all the pictures to our heart's delight. ☺

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Preschoolvile Kinder Class SY 2010-2011 We Go Together Dance

Yay! Finally, my first You Tube HD upload is complete! I'm happily sharing with you Chase's school performance during Preschoolville's Recognition & Graduation Day.  The Kinder Preschoolvillers dance and sing to their hearts' delight to deliver another endearing performance. Thank You Teacher Rej for inspiring these little kiddos to deliver a stellar encore performance. ☺

Congratulations to the Preschoolville Learning Center Kinder Class of 2010-2011! ☺

Sweet! ChicSassyMom Blogspot is moving to a new Location! ❀

The Chic & Sassy Homemaker has been a lover of blogger  for a long time – since inception – but has recently made the change to switch to a custom domain, of course still via blogger.  I am in process of moving, but the new url to catch up with the Chic & Sassy Homemaker's new site is:

I will be leaving this site up as Archives for the sweet wonderful for my almost a year of writing articles close to my heart. 
Thank you for stopping in and I hope you keep following at my new domain! I'm actually having a fit on my followers button, which is not yet updating, I'm crossing my fingers though that everything will be okay comes my complete transition. So please, I would ❤ for you to follow me again. :-D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hola! Lunch at Zapata's Cantina Mexicana Philippines (Updated) ♨

Zapata's Main Course: Enchilada Del Norte with Mexi-Rice and Baraccho Beans Php200+ ($4.5+) ...Mighty Meaty Dish! ☺ 
Zapata's Dining Area
Hola! ✌ Here's lunch today...a visit to Zapata's Cantina Mexicana in Angeles City. Yummy! ✌  This is actually the new home of the relaunched Zapata's Restaurant, which is now called Iguana's, but still highlights and serves Zapata's famous authentic Mexican dishes.

Zapata's Tortilla Soup Php 90 
We started off our meal with the Tortilla Soup, they happily obliged us in splitting it in two. :-D Basically, it's your classic tortilla soup....reminded me of eating the Granny Goose Tortilla chips.

Zapata's Quesadilla Php 145+
A gastronomic mexican adventure wouldn't be complete without having quesadilla! We got the no frills choice of just the cheese, onions & jalapenos. It's actually a better choice because it balanced the Enchiladas Del Norte we also got since the main course had so much meat in it...think corned beef (generous portions of soft strands of beef) with Mexican twist and feel. ♨

Zapata's Tacos Php 160+
We couldn't passed on the chance on trying out the Tacos too. It's your classic tacos, only meatier and this time cheesier! :-D

Updates: I'm craving for some burritos, so visited again. :-D
For less than Php 300 for all of these...super like!!! It's a combination meal with burrito, enchilada, and taco, good enough for sharing! 
I guess this is one restaurant that doesn't include commercialization in their credo just yet, which is actually great! Hats off! Lucky us! We only paid around Php 600 ($14+) for everything, and even shared the bill, so this is really a true value for money!  I sort of miss the extra cheese though in the Enchilada, which I used to have in the more commercialized Mexican Restos, think Mexicali in SM Megamall! :-D ... and then also missed some of the extra calories from the sour cream dip or guacamole, which the enchilada or quesadilla didn't have. Other than those, we're happy and stuffed diners! And well, from the looks of the other diners, both locals and tourists, for authentic Mexican Cuisine Restaurant, Zapata's offers a great gastronomic reprieve in the city!

Angeles City's Iguana's Cantina Mexicana Philippines (Formerly Zapata's)
Iguana's (formerly Zapata's) is located to 50 Meliton Road, Angeles City, Pampanga. It is still along Clark Perimeter Road.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Aloha! Swimming Party Theme☺

Lei to welcome guests! Nice! :-D
Aloha! Happy Monday! :-D Last Saturday, we were able to attend a Swimming Luau Birthday Party. More than the celebratory feel, we're so happy to meet up with Chase's classmates from Pre-K and my fabulous mommy friends. ✌

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Preschoolville Graduation & Recognition Rites SY 2010 - 2011

Preschoolville Graduation 2011 @ Holiday Inn Clark Ballroom with Balloon Set-up by FNF...Nice! :-D
Yay! It's truly a bittersweet moment to see the school year 2010-2011 of  Preschoolville coming to an end. As expected, the graduation and recognition activity, much like an encore performance both from the Preschoolville Teachers and the students, provided a perfect finale to what was a wonderful school year of learning and relationship building. The stellar sing & dance performances from the Preschoolvillers were simply heartwarming, that they even brought tears to most proud parents,  especially to a dramalovin' me! ;-P

Friday, March 18, 2011

Money Talks...New Philippine Peso Bills 2011 ! I Like! ✌

Yay! It's Friday! :-D Sharing this with you, I was able to see most of the much awaited 2011 New Peso Bills. Well, for one, they come in a more vibrant color.

2011 Philippine Peso Bills Front at Php500, Php200, Php100 & Php50
It's probably no surprise that when I showed them to my hubby, they actually inspired travel opportunities for us! Yay! :-D It's just because the back portions of the Peso Bills showcases various tourist destinations, which sadly mostly I haven't seen except for the Taal Lake found on the Php50 bill. The Php 500 shows a tourist spot in Palawan, the Php 200 shows the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, and the Php 100 features the Mayon Volcano. So now, I'm off to planning trips to these destinations. :-D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random Thoughts:❤ My Day Today ❤

Yay! Time a kinda surreal but nice way! Surreal because it pains me to think about Japan, and that today is actually the 9th day since the passing of a dear family member. Sadly so, my son, Chase, has also caught the flu bug. It's cycle of breaking his fever with Tempra and sponge bath, Solmux Broncho, Nebulizer, and Co-Amoxiclav. And then, there's my constant daily worries. But it is still nice, because there's always the hope of tomorrow, and the chance to make things right. "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." With fervor, I believe that God knows Best, All the Time! :-D Today is also St. Patrick's Day...which makes it a day of celebration and feasting! Cheers! 

So how's my day today? It's actually going well, so far, so good. Thank You Very Much! ✌
  • Today, we dropped by at Chase's school for a quick, last day practice before their recognition day tomorrow. I've been treated with delightful and stellar performance by the kids of Preschoolville, and I can't wait to share how it would be like on the big day. :-D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Blog Hopping fun! ;-D

Welcome to My Son's Room! :-D ...There so much to tell, please read through our adventures & please drop by again! 

Be-Bop-A Blog Hop Wednesday


Japan Travel Keepsakes

Thankfully my friend arrived safely from Tokyo last Sunday! :-D He got me this goodies even with all that is happening to Japan.

Tokyo Ref Magnet...comes with a stand for option to make it a miniature plate display! :-D ...another  sweet contribution to our growing Ref Magnets Collection! Yay! 
Green Tea Chocolate Bourbon...Super Yummy, Sweet & Kinda Healthy Treat! :-D...I only took picture of the box, we finished it right away! ;-P He only got it for around $2...cheaper, yet equally great tasting as the other branded High End Green Tea Chocolates from Japan. ;-D After trying KitKat, I actually prefer this more! :-D

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Drama ❤: Autumn's Concerto

Autumn's Concerto (I Love You So) Taiwan Drama! ❤

Since I'm actually having hard time sleeping over the past few days, I tried watching feel good movies and drama reruns until the wee hours! But sadly nothing really worked for me until Autumn's Concerto (I Love You So). Finally, I actually didn't mind missing on my dramalovin' time! It stars Van Ness Wu (One of the Taiwan's F4) and a very pretty lovable Ady An. It's my first time to watch Va Ness as a lead drama actor. He's actually my least favorite F4, up until now! He's now officially one of my Candy Boys! ;-P Va Ness simply brought it...Looks ✓, Killer Smiles ✓and Acting Skills ✓ :-D

The Joy of Doing Nothing! ✌

There's just too much drama over the past few days! Between the passing of a dear friend, and the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami ☹, wherein I received a text message minutes before the M8.9 Friday earthquake from my best friend saying that the earth just wouldn't stop shaking, who ironically was on a family vacation, and thankfully was able to get a flight back from Japan to Philippines about stress! Sadly, I've been having hard time putting smileys as I usually do on my articles. With much fervor,  I'm hopeful for those coming better days.

As a break for what we've been all through over the week, we're taking time to find joy in doing nothing! :-P Today is officially a Chillax (Chill + Relax) Sunday! With that in mind, possibilities are endless!
Our New Favorite Game...we're so addicted to it! :-D

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Life Changing Experience...

I'm in a journey of rediscovering life.  The recent Angeles City fire incident  that happened last March 8, 2011 was truly a life changing experience for our family. We are coping...Everyday! We are trying to be strong for my brother, trying to embrace the surrealism of it all!

Our Love & Prayers to Din, her Dad & her Mom! 
We are sad...
  • Imagine, we have to print pictures of our dear Din and her family from her FB albums, bought several photo frames, and then placed them in the chapel.
  • Today, we helped my brother buy his clothes and shoes, which we used to do all the time with Din, so he can wear it come Saturday for her last rites. My brother asked my mom instead to get the matching pair of shoes. 
  • Most challenging of it all, how to let Chase, my 5 yr. old son, and Gabe, my 4 yr. old nephew, understand this moment that their Auntie Din was called to heaven, and is now a dearest Angel!
Oh what to do? Carpe Diem! God knows best. All the time.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Giveaway: Win a Complete Bedding Set by CleanRest Bedding

Hi! After the Tuesday incident...I'm in need of a good night sleep. Promise! Thankfully, I found time to check on my entry to CleanRest Giveaway hosted by The Girl from the Ghetto and did some of the corrections needed.

Yay! $310 CleanRest Complete Set Bedding Giveaway! Nice! :-D Pls. Click on the Image for the Contest Details! 

I’ll be super happy and thankful with the allergy blocking pillows. My hubby has asthma, my 5 year old son has regular allergy attacks (runny nose forever…sad), and would love to minimize their medicines intake! I think an allergy free sleep would be a great help to us! :-D So, head over to the official contest site to learn more. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

An Angel has been Called Home

Live.Laugh.Love! ❤...while we are all waiting for our "Mission Complete!" orders from Him, let's make every moment counts! It saddened me deeply to wake up in the middle of the night to hear a tragic news! It was surreal! An Angel has been called home (R.I.P. Claudin Joyce Dumalo ♰. We love You!...will be sisters for life)! While we all wait for that inevitable moment...we're just surprised that it came in quite early for a seventeen year old girl to be given a "May Go Home!" order. I'm talking rhetorics, it's absolutely unreal that people die in fires in their home, and with them in it!!!  That only happens in KDaramas for goodness sake!!!...Not to people we know, and consider as a family! And don't the firemen always save the day?!

To sweet Din, you are one special bloom! :-D  "Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844
I want to believe in the order of things, and that everything happens for a reason! We have friends, family & love ones, and even ordinary stranger on the street, who will touch our lives, change our course, and/or show the path that we really have to take. My brother and Din are like two peas in a pod! Inseparable! BFF's! Tutor and Tutee!...even Cat and Mouse! :-D  I didn't get to see her yesterday (which I usually did) on what would be her last visit to my parents' home and more, because I was writing!!! Then my blog site must be really worth something to make me missed that special moment to meet with her for the last time!

We are sad! We talked of what if's! But of course, God knows best, all the time! He recalled all three (Her Dad, Her Mom, & Din) of them at the same time! With all family, and home taken,  there must be a higher blessings on that! We are believing so.

Our deepest condolences to her family & her friends...

God ❤s Me!...Chill! :-D

I'm ending my Monday, on a high note! :-D ...for the past few days,  I've been up and about trying to be a worry wart! I'm actually losing sight of some things, sad about few things, regretting about few decisions I made (past and present), panicking over frivolous matters (past, present and future), and lot more...

Bokeh anyone?! :-D Flowers from a Pomelo Tree, which I took on my first DSLR adventure! 

But tonight, I say...
"Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He's going to be up all night anyway!"
                      - by Mary C. Crowley 

Happy Monday Everyone! :-D Cheers! 

Looking for Chic & Sassy Sponsors! :-D

In need of Sponsored Products & Services, Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, etc.... to get me started on my GiveAways! ;-)
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I want to truly and deeply thank everyone, from the bottom of my ❤, for always joining me in my everyday adventures as a S.A.H.M. (Stay at Home Mom) blogger a.k.a. a striving artist in the field of online feature writing! haha! (*_^ wink!). Arigato, Danke, Mahalo, Merci, Kamsahmnida...for clicking on my site among several choices... every Unique Visitors count!  Yay! ✌

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Gilded Nails Mega Giveaway

Happy Monday! :-P To start of this week, happily sharing with you another great giveaway I found online...;-D

I ❤ them! ...Wish I could win them! Yay! Nice! :-)
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Pre Made Blog Headers for SALE

Happy Friday! :-P How do you like my new blog header? So far, I think it's my prettiest yet to date! Yay! That's why I'm kinda busy for today! ;-P Best of all, I'm actually setting up another blog site, which will feature pre made blog headers/banners and party invitations. Yay! It's actually inspired by my ongoing quest to prettify my blog as often as possible, but can't do, because there are just so many things to consider, and since I can't really afford a $20 customized blog template with the fact that I haven't really monetized my blog yet. Of course, truth be told, I would want to have a change in career too. *_^ From being a SAHM (stay at home mom) to WAHM (work at home mom), why not? Again, I actually would want to thank all my friends who unceasingly joined me on my adventures.:-) Watch out for my Blogsary!;-)

Voila! Welcome to Chic & Sassy Mom Designs...I'm actually open! ;-P

Please Click on the Click to See Designs! :-) 
Please see few of my favorites...

Pink Bundle of Joy Header

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Louis Vuitton and Gucci Bags Up for Grabs! - Online Promotion by Chic Moms Club

To a Bag Lovin' me... just have to try my luck in this one too! ;-D

My O.P.I. Happiness! ❤

O.P.I. Love! :-) 
My attempt to prettify my nails sadly always last only in few hours!!! So, there goes my Php 50 ($1 Yes! You got me right! That's how cost effective home service manicures cost here!*_^ Envy much?!). For the busy mom like me, I can't seem to keep still without ruining my nicely manicured nails. ;-P

Well, until I found my new ❤ and happiness -- O.P.I. I'm happily wearing one color per week! ;-) I'm on my 2nd week, and on my 2nd color! :-)

They're not actually mine (their my sis in law who's on vacation from Guam) I'm maximizing it! ☺haha... Oh well! It means I have to do some shopping & investing soon. :-) My take is that I really need to get a good nail polish for my hands. Although my toe nails are low maintenance and are happy with local nail polish. ;-P I better find an alternative brand that's available here...hmm, thinking The Face Shop!:-) . I will let you know how it goes! Cheers! :-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gymboree Rockwell Play & Learn Summer Blowout

Happy Thursday! *_^...sharing with you another exciting and latest Facebook Contest by Gymboree Rockwell Branch.
Pls. Click on the image to go to the official FB Contest Page! ;-)

Wanted: Sponsors for the coming BlogSary! ❤

Hello there! Thanks for joining me again! I'm actually planning my upcoming 1st BlogSary for the Chic & Sassy Homemaker Site, and I'm actually looking for fabulous people to help me pool enough resources, or items to host my very first Blogsary Giveaway! ;-)...It's Pay Day Everyone, thank you for hanging out with me! ;-P

I want to truly and deeply thank everyone, from the bottom of my ❤, for always joining me in my everyday adventures as a S.A.H.M. (Stay at Home Mom) blogger a.k.a. a striving artist in the field of online feature writing! haha! (*_^ wink!). Arigato, Danke, Mahalo, Merci, Kamsahmnida...for clicking on my site among several choices... every Unique Visitors count!  Yay! ✌

I want to throw in a Big Thank You Giveaway! So, I'm letting it there anyone out there?! ;-P

In need of Sponsored Products & Services, Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, etc.... to get me started on my GiveAways! ;-)
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