Friday, January 21, 2011

Save the Earth! ☼☀☾☁☆☂☃

Happy Weekend! I'm not really fond of spamming friends via texts or mails...but I know when one deserves forwarding, and this goes by...

MANDATORY REMINDER from CNN: NASA reports that by the next 10 months, earth gets hotter by 4 degrees from now. Himalayan glaciers are melting at rapid rate. Our climate is changing drastically & it's getting worst. We must help fight Global Warming by doing the ff steps:

1. Plant more trees 
2. Don't waste water 
3. Use cloth bag and don't burn plastic. 

Please copy & paste this to your wall (via FB) or forward it (via SMS) even to just one person. 

Do your share! Save the Earth! Plant a Tree Today! 
Just in case, here are some interesting links about Global Warming and helping to slow it down...

Do your share. SAVE THE EARTH.


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