Wednesday, November 3, 2010

♥Super Fun FURRYfic Adventure!♥

Greetings! Sharing with you another certified fun-filled adventure I had with my son --a trip to the Stuff Animal Kingdom!

Join me in this another magical adventure with my son. Welcome to the land of our Furry Friends!

HANSA Toy Factory - Panda Bears, Farm Animals, Noah's Ark
Under the Sea, Birds, Polar Bears
HANSA is located inside Clark Freeport Zone. The company pride itself as a world class stuff toy manufacturer and toy exporter. It was my son's second school trip to it. Since I missed the first trip, I made sure that I join him on this trip. It's simply amazing! The showroom, which they allowed us to visit, was truly magical. Once inside, all the kids started running around. I can't make my son sit still to take a picture with I had mine taken instead! ☺

Mom & Chase with the Dinos
Me & the Panda Bears
Mythical Stuff Animals

Chase's Godmom (Tel) with the Orangutans
Arctic Stuff Animals -- Polar Bears, Penguins

Chase with his Jurassic Friends
Fun with the Bunnies
Chase with the Sabretooth
The Mythical Unicorns
✻ Happy Holidays from Hansa! ✻


Hansa Bldg. , A.Soriano st., Clark Freeport, Clarkfield,

Pampanga, Philippines C-2010 

or visit their website at:


Vi Win Win said...

hey! following you back from Confessions of a Vi3tBabe =)

Kelly said...

What a cool place!!

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