Monday, September 13, 2010

♥A Special Quest for Mommies who are True Bedtime Believers!♥

Hello Filipino Mommies! :-)

UPDATED Sept. 15: Thank You for all the moms who took time to take the survey! The required respondents have been met, hence the campaign ended today. ♥felt Thanks! :-) Please continue to check back my site for new and exciting mommy adventures! :-)

This one's especially for us... Johnson & Johnson is giving away free special tokens to mommies who are True Bedtime Believers just by simply answering a simple survey on one of our well ♥ activity most importantly to our little ones--bedtime fun. :-) If you are one of us, please take time to answer the survey by clicking on the J&J Badge. The special gifts will be given to the first 100 Filipino moms residing in the Philippines. But fabulous moms from all over the world are most welcome for their insights to help us in this special quest. :-)
Thank You! :-)
I'm a Filipino mom who know about giving their babies the gift of faster growth through better sleep.I'm a true Bedtime Believer! :-) I want to share this with you. Johnson's Baby Bedtime would like to ask your help as we continue to find the best way to share to moms the science of sleep.


Bub said...


Maria said...

Your blog is so artsy! :)

I’m a new follower. Hope you can visit my blog and follow me back. Thanks! Happy Monday!

Ms B said...

Following now from MBC. I'd love a followback.

Des said...

Thanks Maria! :-)...Following you all right back! :-)


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