Sunday, September 26, 2010

♥ Mom Tested! Samsung Corby Wi-fi Phone ♥

Hello! Over the weekend, we visited the Sun Shop Store in Marquee Mall. My phone lines  (2 plans at Php 350/mo.) are up for retention or loyalty renewal. The 24 month-contracts passed! :-) effect I got to renew the lines and get the free phones at the same time. Sun Cellular and it's 24/7 Unlimited Free Call and Texts changes the way how we sees phone units! Basic phones are okay! You don't really have to get a flashy units. As long as the call buttons work, you're happy! :-)...but, just the same, for the basic plan 350 phone you get a Samsung Champ for free, but I wanted to get the Samsung Corby Wi-fi, and mind you I want it in yellow! :-) I got it for an additional Php 2700 ($60)! I fell in ♥ with it!

Click on the picture to visit official Samsung Site

I'm not really a techie expert...but I have to tell moms out there, that this is actually a very user friendly phone. I was hesitant at first to shift brands, since I've been a Sony Ericsson User for almost 5 years! I'm a person who gets confused with Nokia phones since I've been used to the features of my SE phones. But transitioning to the Samsung Corby Wi-fi is very easy! :-) Just this specific phone unit though, that's why I wanted to talk about it. Because, I'm also using my hubby's Omnia, it's supposedly a better and a higher version, but when I use it to browse the Net, I have to restart it, do multiple touches on the buttons...sorry, but if it's for mobile browsing, I'm not really a fan of Omnia right now.

So why I'm in ♥  much with the Samsung Corby Wifi?
  • It's truly value for money! :-) can even get it for free if you upgrade your plan from 350 to plan 600 (via Sun Cellular) or get it at around Php 6500 ($145)!
  • My choice for being Chic & Sassy! --comes with 3 replaceable covers! :-)...the fonts and display are so cool! :-)
  • For a touch screen phone (actually my first!), it's surprisingly very user friendly! :-) -- calling, texting and other phone features!
  • Mobile Web browsing made easy! :-)...Facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter, even my daily dose of Korean updates via Dramabeans...there's an option to open in new page, just in case the navigation button/link seems to be displayed too small, hence, harder to select via touch! 
  • Lastly, I feel so Beautiful! ♥ --well, it's actually a similar phone unit that my favorite Korean Drama "You're Beautiful!" features! :-) plus my favorite Korean Actor, Jang Keun Seuk, endorses it!...found another reason to be in l♥ve much with Korean Culture :-)
Cheers to my new toy phone, Samsung Corby Wi-fi! It's certified mommy tested! :-)

Get yours now at Amazon. ♥♥♥


sweet said...

Hello po. I just got my Corby Wifi yesterday and I am loving it too. And I like your review of the phone po. :D

ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks sweet! ^_^...glad to be of some help! I really do ♥ it too! :-)

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