Thursday, August 12, 2010

Memory Lane Thursday:Chase's L♥ve-Hate Relationship with SpongeBob Squarepants

Welcome! It's Thursday & I'm so delighted to be taking the stroll down memory lane today with none other (obviously!) than my son, Chase! :-)
 ...looking over the photos stored in our computer and posted on my social network sites, I noticed a character with him in the picture that seemed unconsciously popping out regularly on his photos...voila! It's none other than SpongeBob Squarepants! :-)
What's Not to Like?! :-)

Of all the cartoon characters out there in Nick, Disney, & Cartoon Network, we sort of "endorse" Disney's Lighting McQueen to him. We have McQueen as theme for his play room plus other McQueen stuff for him. But in his own little way, he enjoyed SpongeBob as much! He can watch him over & over again! He was once even scolded by his dad for watching too much SpongeBob (from a DVD Compilations of multiple episodes)!  
THEN: 1 year old Chase at Toys R Us
 I also ended up watching a couple of episodes, & I'm even familiar with most of the characters now. And the song, what's not to ♥?! It's fun & cheery! We even debated on what Squidward really he a squid or an octopus? As per my research, he is both! :-)
NOW: 4 year old Chase at San Francisco

Although every now & then, he tells me that he will not watch SpongeBob anymore because Patrick & SpongeBob are silly...and Squidward is saying bad words! :-) But of course, he doesn't mean it! ;-)! The good thing though is I try to get lessons on the show, and relate them to him.
NOW: 4 year old Chase on his first-ever interaction with a "real" SpongeBob @ the Universal Studios

His dad, sort of, is not so fond of SpongeBob so we never really buy him any SpongeBob items. But Chase finds way to get hold of SpongeBob items...he asked others to get them for him! On our Universal Studio Trip, he asked his grandma to get him SpongeBob items, we were just surprised to see that he already got them! Smart! :-)
NOW: Few of the SpongeBob Items he got by himself :-)
Personally, I guess it's OK to play favorites every now & Chase's young age, we let him have a feel that he has a say in deciding things by giving him choices! The tricky part is of the choices we give him, we sort of have a favorite. :-) So we do emphasize on it & use flowery words to discuss this choice. It's still about influencing him, to choose the right thing! But of course, it will be his call, we try to teach him to take responsibility on his actions & decisions no matter how little or big.

So, this is my Memory Lane Thursday! Looking forward to more adventures to share...Cheers!

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