Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's in my Baby Bag?

Travelling with one's child, either on nearby mall, out of town, or out of the country should not be taken lightly. Just when I thought I can travel really light by bringing only baby wipes when going to the mall with my son, I suddenly found myself rushing to the kid's clothes section to get a change of clothing for him, when he accidentally got drenched with a glass of pineapple juice. One can never be too sure! Below is my evolution & progressive list of must bring and must haves in my baby/diaper bag.

Avent Back Pack Front, Back with Zipper
AVENT BACK PACK from infant to date

Chase's Baby Bag is actually a gift from my sis in law. I saw it in SM Megamall and I love it! I requested it as a Baby Shower Gift from her. Since its a Back Pack, your hands are actually free to hold my son. The practical features are the back opening for easy access, the bottom has space for soaps, etc. and a diaper changing pad. It has also a side compartment that ensures bottle formula stays warm. It's lightweight and very easy to clean. The color is also daddy-friendly! And as you can see, it's very durable! Definitely your money's worth!

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Baby Essentials (Infant to 2 years old)

  • Change of Clothes - T-Shirts, Shorts, Socks, Briefs
  • 2 pcs Diapers
  • 2 pcs Cloth Diaper 
  • Extra Receiving Blanket
  • 2 Bottles with water - 1 for formula and 1 for water
  • Milk Dispenser
  • Baby Wipes
  • Travel Size Alcohol
  • Travel Johnson & Johnson Baby Bath or Soap
  • Aveeno Baby Lotion transferred in Travel Container
  • Plastic Bags (folded)- for wet soiled clothes, as makeshift barf  bag (Carsick, Airsick,Seasick)

Additional Items for Plane or Out of Town Travel
  • Baby Book (the notebook that you bring during one's doctor's visit)- very important! for easy reference, records of previous medications, vaccination records
  • Salinase or Nasal Spray
  • Prescription Medicines, if any, on Ziploc or storage bags
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Nail Cutter or Baby Scissors
I suggest that items in your baby bag should be as handy as possible. I recommend going for the travel sizes packs. Like, if you have a big bag of baby wipes, get a baby wipes dispenser that easily fits on the bottom.

Baby Essentials (3 years onwards) 

Finally, Chase by 3 years old, he was almost potty trained. So we rationalized the things we bring during our mall trips.
  •  Baby Wipes
  • Alcohol/Hand Sanitizer (either in his bag or with me)
  • Diaper Cloth 
  • Bottle of Water/Sippy or Sports Cup
  • Change of Clothing 
  • Extra Plastic Bag (folded)- for anything most especially as makeshift barf bag (Airsick, Carsick, Sea Sick)
For out of town/ out of the country...these are really my must have's
  • Baby Book (the notebook that you bring during one's doctor's visit) - - very important!
  • Salinase or Nasal Spray
  • Prescription Medicines, if any, on Ziploc or storage bags
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Nail Cutter or Baby Scissors
  • NEW!!! favorite food/snacks ---during our US Travel, even during the plane trip knowing that they will be serving food, I brought varieties of snacks for my 4year old son, marshmallows, chocolate, crackers, apple sauce---definitely looks like we're going on a picnic! :-) Even on our trip to the theme parks, and especially on the long trip to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon, I brought him most of his favorite snacks. I wanted to limit our stops and unnecessary trips to convenience stores or supermarkets. And just to keep him entertained! :-D
Oh well! A mom can only be as prepared...but if I can only bring two items and just well, try to fit them in my purse, I will go for cloth diaper and alcohol/hand sanitizer.

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