Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Happiness Song -- Pink Life

"Pink Life" by Gyskard is my ultimate happiness song.Truly,deeply love this song! It definitely puts me in a happy and positive mood. It's my ultimate perk-me up song. I feel that I can do anything as long as I put my heart into it. It reinforces feeling good about myself and about everything in my life.Sad things do happen, what's important is the accepting and the moving on part. So truly, that if you want to be happy, feel and think happy! Secret Baby! ♥♥♥

"Always follow what's in your heart
Always listen to what's inside
Alway's fly high & don't come down
And don't come (down)

Don't push yourself far over the limit
Push your mind ahead with your spirit
Push it where you never thought you could go right
And never come down"

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Wifey to JB and Mommy to Chasey :) It's said that one's eyes are windows to one's soul. True! My eyes twinkle when I'm happy, they light up with my smile. I’m no frills! I'm easy to read (except during Poker). I easily get teary eyed on practically both happy and sad things. I'm overly emotional! UP,Toy Story 3, and Glee made me cry with delight.My hubby is my source of strength. He balances that side of my personality. He made me a more self-reliant person.I love being a mom. But be it known that I tend to be OC, paranoid, and definitely see my self as a stage mom.I can't help but throw him parties every year.I love to read. If there is a lifetime membership to Book Lover's Club, I've probably signed in as early as Grade 1. I'm blessed to have a special relationship with God. He is my confidante. I practically talked to him anywhere and anytime about anything. I'm a Kapampangan and supposedly known for having culinary skills.This still needs to be found perfected, but for sure, I can say I'm a gourmand!I love to eat and it shows!Oh well!Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder and Happiness is only a state of mind. From today onwards, I intend to live in a Happy Mode!Cheers!