Thursday, October 18, 2018

Dramafever Shuts Down πŸ™‰ | #FangirlProblem

Annyeong, cinggu! Hope all is well. Yesterday, Dramafever casually officially informed the fandom that they've been shut down. Instantly. A day before, I checked on 100 Days My Prince, which is exclusively licensed for streaming by them. It said that the episode will be delayed until further notice. My initial reaction was to check Wikipedia for its ratings. It's there! Episode 12 even noted a rating best. Yesterday, tadaaaa, this notice came about.

Even the Dramafever News Site showed the same notice. Late in the evening, even the Twitter account was deactivated and so was the Instagram account. πŸ™‰ I said it on my Twitter rant, even an illegal streaming site cares to notify somehow, just as common courtesy. Something's amiss!!! This is a platform that's apparently owned now by Warner Bros. That's all the more worrisome considering there should have been better planning on how to advise their loyal patrons on this mishap coming from an established words! πŸ™ˆ

With how things went, it seemed it was done on impulse...feels like a drama is unfolding. They said they will refund. I'm on monthly, so that should be okay. Truth be told, that's the least of my complain. It's done so haphazardly, just very unbecoming. Assuming they said it's becoming more costly to get licenses with Netflix and Amazon joining in the craze, but my, even Amazon redirects to Dramafever the dramas that are exclusively licensed to Dramafever. And then there's the recently K-Expo 2018 which was from Dramafever. Come to think of it, I barely saw updates from it, even the IG feed of Dramafever didn't show much, or I don't remember seeing any. I just saw the pre-event posts. Even in IG, there's only about 1K hashtags of it, and not a lot of tweet mentions about it too, plus not a remarkable photo that shows off the crowd. Hmmm, considering it featured Astro, with Cha Eunwoo fresh off the success of My ID is Gangnam Beauty, and Infinite's L (Miss Hammurabi). Double hmmmm. πŸ€”

(And more) Hmmmm, I feel so sad and bothered that even the news site was taken down. All those precious articles of our oppas and dramas beautifully and passionately written by our fellow cinggus. I'm beyond bothered and heartbroken. It feels like there is a drama plot that is unfolding.

So assuming they plan to do another platform that will be a better, bigger, etc., if there's something in the works, an established, professionally managed company should have a semblance of strategies, business plans and transition models in place....maybe transitioning patrons to it, even if they wanted to ask for a higher fee, there should have been a period that will offer an opt out or upgrade. Haay naku! Ottoke!? πŸ™‰

 #Thowback from my Seoul Trip at Digital Media City . Filming location of Pinocchio, etc. 
I'm a premium subscriber for both Dramafever and Viki. I need like them both. But I do love Dramafever more in a way that they release subtitled episodes faster. What to do about those thousands of dramas both Korean and Chinese, which are my addiction happy pills?! I feel so heartbroken. The problem is there are licensed dramas exclusively to them that Viki, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video couldn't pick up. Not to mention, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, which is my all-time favorite Chinese Drama, that only they have. My goodness.  πŸ™„

Dramafever has played a big part of fostering my ardent fangirl heart. Thank you for the offline option, which accompanied me on my flights and commutes. I thank everyone for all the passion and commitment to fuel the drama fandom. I feel sad on reading that people (cinggus) would be losing their jobs over this. I hope all will be well. Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✌🏻

Monday, October 15, 2018

Shoes off, please! πŸ™‰ | #Petpeeve #OCD #AsianMom

It's probably Asian or cultural thing, but my biggest pet peeve among many other things is (people) blazing across the house with shoes on. πŸ™ŠWe've been trained to remove our shoes. We have house slippers, bathroom slippers, and what have you. Tsinelas. Going barefoot is an option too. Except, you'll probably never see the end of it, to be endlessly lectured by elders of how you will have varicose veins etc. with walking on cold floors. Overtime, life happens, we moved out, stayed in dormitories, and just like that we're renting our own place. My rule in our house, strictly no shoes. Philippine or Asian setting, when visiting, we take the lead in removing them, more often than not, we get the cue from the homeowners, if we're entering together, if we see that they removed their shoes (believe me, this is the hint that we give out, I do too) and changed to a pair of house slippers, we must do the same (obviously, we need a clean, nice pair of socks or well pedicured feet to boot every time because you'll just never know). Sometimes, there are exclusions not to take them off, if there's a party or something. I'll take that, I wouldn't want to be the only one walking on bare foot while everyone sashays with their shoes on (hello, all germs on my feet/socks!πŸ™„) Anyhow, it's easier to clean up where every floor is mostly just moppable, and it should be easy since we have helpers to do the after-party clean up back home. (I miss Manila life!🀫) But here in America, thank you, Swiffer!

Weekend. It's nice to see our house slippers all outside our bedroom doors, everybody is home. #SimpleJoy
Confessions be told. There is another urban legend that says we  (Asian moms and aunties #TitasofManila πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️) tend to bring home stuff from the hotel like the amenities etc. I did that too, but overtime, I only did it if they are Hermes or Lanvin or L'occitane.  But what I don't fail to take, and even to request extras, are pairs of hotel slippers. I re-use them as guest slippers. So friends would normally take the cue, if I offer them house slippers, then they should know I mean business. πŸ˜…I take a mental note on which carpeted areas I need to remember to also clean, and believe me when I say, I do after-party clean up seriously. This is the same case in America, remember we moved to a new apartment, it's less stressful now that the house is not carpeted. There is a certain level of stress involved on this issue. Hah. The rule is to really take the cue from the homeowner, be it a family, friend or acquaintance.  I normally would want to do it the subtle approach, but promise, I'm so tempted to hang a sign that straight out says, "Shoes off, pretty please! " Believe me, it's easier to wear bedroom slippers than carpet the whole world (but this only applies when others see eye to eye with you, if not, it gets more toxic if you carpet the whole world and they just insist on wearing shoesπŸ™ˆ, good luck!). It pays to offer first, please. I mean well. Seriously. Sincerely. I hope you do the same. 

While this practice or removing your shoes can be rooted to have more cultural significance in other Asian countries (e.g. Japan, Thailand, South Korea), it is still basically hinged on emphasis to cleanliness. You can call it a pet peeve or OCD, here's how I explain it to my son (and hubby) you walk on the streets, on your school bathroom, and wherever with all of the bacterias, dirts, grime, germs, etc. in the world and you then walk around our house (like a boss) with the same shoes, and for sure, just even for a moment, you have to take them off, walk on barefoot, and pretty soon you're ready for sleep, you jump step on your bed, the pillows and blanket will one way or another touch that area where now the germs happily congregate, and then you sleep on that pillow, cuddle, snuggle, cover yourself on that blanket, and so there it goes, everything is on your face. In fact, there's another level to it, because our rooms are carpeted, we normally leave the slippers outside our bedroom. And we don't bring them to the bathroom too. It's another layer of germ and bacteria lessons, I'll just leave it as that. This level of paranaoia house rule is further taken into another level with my sister working for Infection Control of the hospital, she literally sees germs anywhere!πŸ™‰ I know, they are everywhere, this is just us, mitigating the risks with one can of Lysol spray, box of Swiffer, bottle of Clorox wipes, and a pair of tsinelas to swat the germs away. Hah. πŸ˜…Let's do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✨

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Current Everyday Makeup Routine and #FOTD | #ChicSassyMomFinds #BeautyTalk

Hello, gorgeous people! πŸ€— I've been busy conquering Bay Area, vying for Ms. Friendship (#SalesLife πŸ˜…) so I have very little time to do makeup so I keep my everyday make up routine short but sweet. (That, plus I already have a very complicated skincare routine, so I don't think I'll still survive not getting late my day with an elaborate makeup routine on top of it). Oh well, makeup is art and beauty is spirit. But first, makeup.

Jo Malone English Oak and Redcurrant | Face: Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion | Lips: Anastacia Beverly Hills Sugar Plum, Kylie Lip Kit Posie K, Koko Okurr, Suvana Pawpaw & Honey Balm | Eyes: Eyeko | Brows: Brow Mates by The Brow Studio , KPalette | Cheeks: Benefit Cosmetics Cheek Parade 
These are my current must-haves to pull of an easy peasy makeup routine (just like last time), which I sort of perfected overtime with lots of practice. It took me tremendous effort to learn how to wear Kylie lipsticks, I have quite a stash of lipsticks, but now I have to admit that Kylie Matte Lipsticks are my source of pride and joy. πŸ’‹It's not even hard to remove them, just take my Keto dinner (very oily food πŸ˜…) and voila, all gone. The eyes and brows do take most of my time. I finally find a good-enough replacement for my ever reliable Kanebo Kate eye liner with Eyeko. Now for the brows, my, my, I have a full brows and that's altogether a source of unique problem because I need to keep them clean or they go wild. #KillerKilay But I need to fill in some gaps here and there, so I use Brow Mates from The Brow Studio and KPalette to lighten them and just to match my hair color. I rarely do mascara given that I'm wearing glasses (and I'm too lazy to remove heavy eye makeup). Benefit Cosmetics Cheek Palette is such a joy to have, every girl working mom's must have. The biggest surprise and addition to my makeup routine is Secret Key.

Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion is love, love, love. #Favorite 
I have it for quite awhile from my not so recent purchase at Althea, but it's only recently that I finally gave it a try. Oh my, I love it. And so, bring on the selfies. 🀳🏼

Me (wearing Koko Collection Gorg), Myself (Anastacia Beverly Hills Sugar Plum), and I (wearing Kylie Lipkit Posie K) #FOTD ✌🏻🀫
For whatever reason, the Jo Malone English Oak and Redcurrant is my autumn scent, and it never fails to solicit inquiry on what scent I'm wearing. It's unique, at least to me, and beautifully empowering. With pink lips to boot, I can rule the world! These have been sources of engaging, animated, and joyful conversations. I just need to win the Ms. Friendship award and achieve my sales targets. πŸ‘ΈπŸ»Let's do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✨

P.S. Let's do this together, I'm on Instagram, Twitter and FB @chicsassymom ✨

Fighting Flu with One Essential Oil Blend at a Time ✌🏻| #ChicSassyMomFinds

Hello, beautiful people! πŸ€— I've been busy. (Oh well, busy is good. )

Hubby is down with the man flu all week. 😷Not just flu, take that, man flu. Man flu, apparently defined as an illness that cause the male species to be helpless and sicker than any family member. ✌🏻In females, like yours truly, it's just a cold. πŸ˜…

We couldn't afford to be sick, thank goodness for essential oils, and among other things, so far, we're good.

Currently, under the influence of essential oils. #WitchOils #Oilbularyo
Because I needed something potent to diffuse, I reached out to Edens Garden's Guardian Synergy Blend. Except, its pitfall is the usual you know it's really supposedly healthy and good for you, but the scent is just not for everybody. I guess, it's the strong clove scent that lingers. Here's the workaround...Morning Blend: 5 drops of Guardian, 10 drops of Eucalyptus, and 5 drops of Lemon. Night Blend: 5 drops of Guardian, 10 drops of Eucalyptus, and 5 drops of Lavender.

I'm now a fan of the blend. I love the spiced minty lemon in the morning. And thankfully, the lavender, like a clockwork, gets me to sleep, so no Korean/Chinese drama marathons for me.

But sincerely, it's not just that because flu season is upon us,  but truly, it pays to be on the side of caution, taking baby steps to healthier us...good night sleep, over dose of vitamins, healthy food choices, and just falling under the magical spells of essential oils. I swear, I'm charmed. ✨

Monday, October 1, 2018

Lee Joon Gi and Deng Lun for Fendi | #FangirlModeOn #KDramaInspiredShopping

Annyeong! πŸ€—OMO, so I'm such a fangirl that I eat, live, love, breathe, sleep, dress, and shop Chinese and Korean drama-inspired. Shocks, before Deng Lun, I only live for Lee Joon Gi and Korean Dramas, but now, oh my, I need them both in my hopeless, drama addict, romantic life. πŸ˜‰πŸ€”#FangirlProblems

In fairness, as fate would have it, my oppa (Lee Joon Gi) and dongsaeng (Deng Lun) recently sported Fendi. Fabulous.

Lee Joon Gi for Elle Men HK sporting Fendi
Deng Lun for Fendi x Fila Collaboration 
Oh my, my fangirl heart is full. The iconic inverted Zucca or "FF" logo is truly so back, and oh my,  two of my favorite artists in the whole wide world are wearing it.

So here's why I'm mighty superficially happy...I have a belt and a vintage Fendi Zucca Mama bag (thanks to my fairy godmother, who happily handed me down her Fendi bag). So my fangirl heart is it! Double F, feel na feel ko. πŸ™ˆ#FeelingClose #FeelingConnected

Reversible Fendi Belt
Vintage Fendi Zucca Mama Forever Shoulder Bag
Side story. Because I take the BART, Bay Area Rapit Transit in San Francisco, I normally don't wear branded stuff that shouts designer (hello, LV and Gucci). I learned my lesson the hard way sometime ago. I know Fendi from a long time ago because of my mom and aunts, but over time, even with the cutie Monster bags and charms, you can actually get away with wearing Fendi without being too loud about wearing the brand even with the classic Double F logo, it will just be drowned in the sea of Louis Vuitton bags out there. Safe. So it's my everyday bag when commuting, this, or a Chloe Paraty or a Balenciaga bag. It's so light, and low maintenance (except for the hardwares). The belt is a delight to wear. I'm content to own one of each, until Lee Joon Gi and Deng Lun came along wearing Fendi...loud and proud, and mighty handsome with it. I need a matching outfit to boot! πŸ™‰Reality check. Fendi is just one brand they wear. They'll be wearing others. I'm so tempted right now to get the matching bag  and cap of Deng Lun. I tend to do that, I have a matching shoes with Lee Joon Gi... oh well, #CrazyAsianFangirl in the house. πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️

Oh well, what to do when I feel that expensive superficial connection fuels my fangirl heart. Life of a KDrama and CDrama drama addict is not for the faint of heart. Believe me, everyday there's an internal discourse  over why, why, why go cray, cray over them, and I should just stop and get a life. Hah! πŸ˜…But oh well, for me, it's my ultimate anti-aging and coping mechanism to survive real life dramas.  It's truly a blessing when you have a real life oppa that supports your quirkiness and capriciousness like yours truly. Me, myself and I: drama addict + drama-inspired shopping = deadly! Wish me luck! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✌🏻

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