Sunday, July 12, 2015

Minions Happy Meal Toys and Minions Combos #MinionsAtMcDo

Awww... The Minions are back, and have taken over McDonald's. So cute, they got us all googly eyes.

Get ready to go bananas as every Happy Meal comes with a Minions collectible toy. Collect all 10.

P.S. I like the Vampire most. This Korean Fangirl is going bananas with Lee Joon Gi's new drama, The Scholar Who Walks the Night. *Teehee #OnceaFangirlAlwaysaFangirl 

Delight in a full Minions experience with the Minions Banana Festival featuring Meal Combos with select Minions-themed desserts.

Minions Inspired Treats: Banana Crumble McFlurry | Banana McFlurry with Orep | McDip in Blue Wafer Cone | Honey Banana Mc Float
Minions BFF Fries ‘N McFlurry Combo (Php225) | Minions BFF Fries ‘N McFloat Combo (Php165) | Minions Medium Fries ‘N McFlurry Combo for only Php95 | Minions Medium Fries ‘N McFloat Combo for only Php65
So pair up a classic like McDonald’s World Famous Fries with the all-new Minions-themed desserts and you get the perfect snack combination.

Head over to McDonald’s to see the Minions Movie come to life! Minions Happy Meal and limited-edition menu offers are all available in McDonald’s stores nationwide.

Cuteness overload. Thank you for these. ^_^
Share your love for the Minions at McDonald’s via the official Facebook fan page,, or by tagging @McDo_PH to your sweet and funny McDo moments on Twitter or Instagram. #MinionsAtMcDo

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dewytree Collagen Mask Sheet Review

Annyeong, chinggu! ^_^

So many drama, so little I'll keep this review short and sweet.'s been a while since I did a skincare post. But yes, I'm still, more than ever, a Korean skincare addict fangirl. You should have seen me last time in Seoul, I was almost literally skipping with joy along Myeongdong with so many Korean skincare and beauty care shops to see.  *Teehee I couldn't help it, I had to splurge on Innisfree and Skinfood. Though, I didn't do a dedicated post about it since I mostly repurchased some of my skincare Must-Haves.

In order to make room for my ever growing collection of beauty care products from Seoul and Japan (see my IG updates @chicsassymom), I was finally done with my Dewytree Collagen mask sheets, which a friend gifted me last time, and of course, wasn't able to do a review right away. Oh, busy me!

Here goes...
Dewytree Collagen Energy Treatment Mask

Monday, June 15, 2015

Gigi Gaerlan's Custaroonery {Custaroons}

Sometime ago, I wrote about these delightful fusion of custards and macaroons, called Custaroons. We (it's a family affair) love, love, love these! You get these in Custaroonery of Gigi Gaerlan.

Custaroonery in St. Pio Chapel Compound, Libis. Before last year, you can only get them if you happen to visit St. Pio Chapel in Libis. Now you can find a kiosk at the SM Mega Fashion Hall in Megamall, and other mall kiosks. #HappyDance

We survived Back to School jitters!

Annyeong! ^_^

Oh my, time flies, Chaseyboy is now a 5th Grader. For our fourth school year in LSGH, I sort of mastered the pre-work to execute flawless first day in school. Haha.

My Green Archer. 
Look, I did a major production to ready his room for a more inspiring learning space. Okay, it's really nothing fancy since I just sorted all his toys, and make do with a Lego/Kreo table to a study table. Basic, but often forgotten since he usually goes to the tutor to get school work done before. But not this school year, kiddo! Please use it well. *Teehee

Makeshift Study Space

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back to School Mates SY 2015-2016

Last two weeks to go, and it's back to school for my Chaseyboy.  Aww. Ohhh. Time flies.

It has been an annual thing to write about back to school, except for last year, which I missed, because I was too busy. Oh well.  But this year's back to school shopping soiree is special. We didn't cram! Learning from our super hectic shopping outing last year, I made sure to get the easy stuff like the stickers, bag tags done ahead of time. Best of all, I didn't argue with both of my boys (hubby and son) in terms of choices. Ha. This time, I truly tried to take a step back, and just let Chase decide. Oh my, he didn't even let me in the fitting room to try out his school pants. He's only 9 years old. My, my, please don't grow up so fast.

Igloo Playmate Lunchbox, Glasslock Food Storage, Freego Khaki Pants (we usually get them in school too, but he said he didn't like the fit, so we went to get them in SM Kids' Section), Jansport Camouflage Backpack, New Case for his Samsung Galaxy Tab, Florsheim Kids, School Supplies from LSGH)
He was choosing between two designs of camouflage prints, the other choice, he liked better because it had more camouflage prints and nice leather trimmings, but this offered the most comfort given great padding of the shoulder straps.  Jansport All Purpose Design Camouflage (T26LZU3) Php 3190, SM Department Store
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