Monday, September 4, 2017

#ChicSassyMomEats | Fish & Chips πŸ˜‹

Hello, hello! Let's eat.

One of Chaseyboy's favorite dish when dining out is fish and chips. As always, there are hits and the fish taste fishy (not fresh), or sometimes, the batter or doneness is off.

It's just great to finally make it at home with the right brands.

Fish and Chips πŸ˜‹πŸŸπŸŸ
For easy peasy fish and chips, sharing with you our favorite french fries and fish fillet brands. Presenting...DIY Fish and Chips.

Gorton's Beer Battered Fish Fillets of Wild-Caught Pollock sells in Lucky Supermarket for $7.99 with seasonal deal of $5 or Buy 1, Take 1
Tried and Tested. Favorite French Fries everrr. Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Fast Food Fries sells for $3.99/bag in Lucky Supermarket (also sometimes will be on promo price)
Instant fish and chips. Yum. Lovely! ;-D

#SaleTime | Annyeong, Fall Fashion!🍁 #Abercrombie + #Nike + Twinning with #LeeJoonGi πŸ˜‰

Annyeong, cinggu! πŸ€—

Sidestory. Awww,  can't get enough of G-Dragon's Missing You because of last time's #MOTTEinManila. #LSS I'm missing Seoul. I'm missing Manila's fangirling opportunities. Oh my, my, my, from KDrama fangirl to KPop, welcome to my world...good luck!

Anyhow, my consolation opportunities here and there. Hah. There's so much coupons, sale announcement, etc. when in California. Non-stop. I kid you not. More often than not. I'm so easy to get.

Near us, we have The Great Mall in Milpitas, which is an indoor outlet shopping mall, and we have the Westfield Valley Fair in San Jose, which is an upscale indoor shopping mall. But wait, there's more...there's also the San Francisco Premium Shopping Outlet in Livermore. Hmmmm. Regardless of shopping destinations, additional discounts are not hard to come by. Sign up online for free, and voila...hello, additional discounts (even for outlet stores on already discounted items) and $ off! On good times, like today's Labor Day weekend, most stores in Westfield (regular stores not outlet so more choices and updated designs) are giving out additional 40-50% off. If you hurriedly answer the surveys, you get additional $10 off. This offsets the high sales tax. This comforts me, hahaha, I'm not so easy to get after all, I don't buy out of whims, instead I patiently wait for good deals. Hah. 🀦🏻‍♀️

One fun shopping day at The Great Mall. Shopping Finds...Polo Ralph Lauren , Bath & Body Works, Twinning with Chaseyboy with Nike Air Uptempo 
It's love at first try with Adidas Superstar. Knowing myself, I'll be tempted (soon) to get those cult favorites, NMD. Well, it can't be Nike all the time. But since hubby is buying... Nike, it is. If you follow me on IG @chicsassymom , I like twinning shoes with Chaseyboy. So when he got this Nike Air More Uptempo for his school shoes, I was okay to get the matching black/pink. Hubby was so happy to indulge. But there's more to it... hahaha

This pair reminds me so much of Lee Joon Gi oppa. #OnceaFangirlAlwaysaFangirl #Twinning πŸ˜‰
#OOTD #Abercrombie #JoesJeans #Givenchy
Because, just maybe, Lee Joon Gi oppa also likes girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch. πŸ˜‚
Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo...which Abercrombie coat/jacket to get? Hmmmm πŸ€”
 It's still so warm today. It's too soon to get thick coats and jacket. I went for a light camouflage vest for easy transition to Fall. Originally at $90++ less additional $40 off less $10 off
Abercrombie Kids for Chaseyboy. He's ready for Fall. Please come sooner. 
We can't wait for summer to end, with three summer months in Manila and then more summer months in California, oh my. I'm too scared of age spots skin cancer with over sun exposure. Personally, fashion wise, summer is the hardest look to pull off. I only like Fall and Winter Fashion, which are reminiscent of my Seoul-ful vacay. Autumn in my heart. Cheers! ;-D

Thursday, August 24, 2017

#ChicSassyMomFinds | Royal Stafford Dinnerware etc.

Oh Hello, hello!  The colors and designs of our dinnerwares set our home decorating theme. Well, because, true to our family as well, the kitchen/dining area is where we spend most time together, and more often than not, the no gadget-rule applies. Quality time. Meaningful connections. On the functional side, the dinnerwares are out a lot, they serve as the key decorating elements. Wow. I'm feeling a bit like an interior designer. πŸ˜‰ So when we got the plates, it's back to blue, and sky is the limit. Lovely!

Dinner is served. Royal Stafford Floral Weave Dinner plate, Salad Plate, Soup bowl, and serving dish
Thank goodness I paid attention to my aunts on their ravings of their collections of Royal Albert, Royal Stafford, Lennox, Lladro, Capodimonte, and what have you. So when we saw the Royal Stafford that can do service for 8, we're sold!

Happy tea time with TWG Tea from our Singapore trip, Royal Albert Polka Blue 2-Tier Dessert stand and matching tea cups and tea pot. Keep calm, and drink tea. 
Gotta match em all. I found these coaster set from Target by Creative Coop Secret Garden Collection. I will show you another time, but we have birds, owls to complement our overall theme of floral/garden prints. Of course, they need to be blue. 
Our table setting outside. We also have pineapples, owls too. 
We had so much fun shopping. #FeelingInteriorDesigner Mostly from Homegoods (favorite place everrrr), and some in Target or Amazon. Not all Homegoods are the same, of all the 4 branches we've visited, it's not often you find Royal Stafford, Royal Albert etc. When I see the "Made in England" sticker, my eyes twinkle, twinkle. Fine bone China is also must get. It's extra nice because this is a collective effort with my husband. It seemed he's onboard with the theme. So he didn't mind the floral patterns, and my penchant for pineapples and owls. They matched with the theme, I say. Haha.

I guess, there's still feat in collecting items that are not easily within your disposal. Ha. So when in California, instead of getting American brands for dinnerwares (say like Corelle), we decided we want dinnerwares from England, Japan, China, India etc. London is calling. (Pfft, I haven't been there yet, but my my, I already now what to hoard shop, so help me God.) Cheers! ;-D

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

#ChicSassyMomFinds | Guerlain Meteorites Pearls Clair #FOTD

Bonjour, love! πŸ€—

It has been quite sometime since I made a detailed product review, not yet there, but this is as close as it gets. I'm compelled just because, my, my, this product is so pricey beautiful not to be featured.

Hmmmm πŸ€”, with twinkle, twinkle in my eyes, I'm sold! Sometime ago, I thought I deserve a treat, so I decided to indulge in Sephora. Voila! It's my first of many Guerlain to have and to own. πŸ˜‰

Guerlain MΓ©tΓ©orites Illuminating Powder Pearls 
So pretty.
Product Overview: An illuminating powder made up of light-diffusing pearls that minimize flaws and add brightness to the skin 
 "Born of expert craftsmanship, this cult constellation of multi-coloured powder pearls with an unforgettable violet fragrance created in 1987 is now available in an unprecedented harmony dedicated to Blanc de Perle. Today, the MΓ©tΓ©orites hold the secret to Stardust technology - a light-creating polymer, which transforms light invisible to the naked eye into a pure and endless glow on the skin. A subtle blend of matte, rosy and radiant blue-toned white pearls, combined with corrective coloured pearls – yellow to counter redness, pink for freshness and mauve to catch the light – they light up the face in an illuminating and corrective halo to give endless radiance." -Guerlain Official Website
Swatch of Guerlain Meteorites No. 2 Clair/Light #BestEffort
Stardust Technology. Endless radiance. While I don't have the MΓ©tΓ©orites Pinceau (the matching brush for it that you have to buy separately), but still my current makeup brush works just fine so I can still get that luxurious feel and finish. Oooooh I just can't get enough of it, plus the scent, double love.

Because I was nursing bad skin days, I had to skimp on makeup. I tried to use one makeup at a time for testing, and c'est magnifique, it works. Goodness gracious, otherwise, goodbye $60++.

Simple #FOTD Guerlain |  Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner | Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara | Mac Yumyum Lipgloss | Tom Ford Sunglasses
Key words are luxurious (for the brand, price, and the look), soft shimmering (for that healthy, radiant glow a la Korean Drama Actress, which I so badly covet), and sheer coverage. It works best for highlighting to set and to hold powder.  It doesn't offer buildable coverage, and the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Compact Powder Foundation champions that feature. Anyhow, I've given up on covering my age spots, oh well, I grew up and I realize I just need to embrace them. Hah. Lesser worries, and one less step in my skin care routine. Cheers! ;-D

#ChicSassyMomFinds | Ribbon Hairties πŸŽ€ #LaTaDa

To bling or not to bling, that is the question. But then accessories truly make everything better. Sometime ago, I was hoarding accessories (type accessories on my search box), then I grew up and got older. Hah. But every so often, functional accessories still get me like these ribbon hair ties.

I'm still just a girl changing the world one bling at a time. The jeweled embellishment got me. I'm sold! 
La-ta-da Ribbon Hair Ties from Target for $6.99 for a 5pc Pack
Hairstyle all I like... half-up ponytail, layered ponytail, messy bun, and ponytail. 
Hair ties bracelets #Nice
After graduating from my accessorize-addiction, I just left room for arm candies. I still love layering rings and bracelets. Though mostly, I'm going for real jewelries now. πŸ€— These hair ties will just blend in nicely. In the Korean drama world where I live in, hair ties bracelets are source of inspiration, from fashion trends to OTP shipping confirmation (are they hair tie or matching bracelets?! πŸ€”πŸ˜‚). So yes, these are nice. I'm so tempted to get more. Goody also has a line of Ribbon Hair ties, but as said, I like the bling. When I do accessorize, I like to use them liberally. Cheers! ;-D
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